Friday roundup

What I’m listening to: Despacito – Luis Fonsi ft Daddy Yankee.

Me encanta, me encanta! I know it’s everywhere. No I don’t care. And you’re all lying if you don’t sing along when Daddy Yankee says ‘DY’. SUBE SUBE SUBE SUBE


No me gusta the Justin Bieber version. I mean. No. And he can’t even sing it. Here is the proof. *sigh* Just as I was begining to like him.

What I’m watching: The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

I know this season got some shit but I genuinely liked it. Kimmy finds feminism, Jacquline finds power and freedom in her own skills despite a smooshed hot husband. But Titus Andromedon. He is Queen of the show. ❤


Pasion de Gavilanes

In a bid to actually learn Spanish I started to watch this with my flatmate. So, I haven’t learnt any Spanish from it but omg. The over-the-top story lines and the hot men. I’m in heaven.

What I’m doing: Bailar!

In exchange for one hour of English, one of my new friends will give me one hour of dance. Sadly it will be my last since I’m leaving tomorrow but it’s a great confidence boost since it definitely pushes me outside my comfort zone (and I’m such a stubborn bitch about it) plus it’s a good workout.


Giorgia ❤

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