How to: create an inspiration board

I usually get carried away in my own thoughts and things often get muddled. My friend was moving country and gave me her own pin board. So, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to create an inspiration board since I’ve always wanted to do one.

It was pretty old and boring so I got some paint.


Once it was done, I found pictures I want, plus already had pictures saved. I decided I would have different sections dedicated to different themes. One corner would be art, the other fashion. The centre was a photo I took of Portobello Market which is near where I live in London and has kind of been the centre of my universe. The other corner would be inspirational women (I included Xena and Buffy) and one of the corners is empty, which I’m going to dedicate to current/future projects.


Even though it’s not finished, that’s not the point. I want this board to be organic and it grows as I grow.

This project really didn’t take very long and it’s super easy pick-me-up motivational activity.

Giorgia ❤

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