Friday roundup

What I’m watching: American Gods

So I should be watching House of Cards but that is for next week because I’m watching American Gods since my neighbour, Chris Obi, is in it as Anubis. If you don’t know him, check him out, he’s super cool. I’m on the first couple of episodes, and so far I’m loving it.

What I’m listening to: Kitty on the Road – Julia Star

I met this chick at a new years party a few years ago and we became Facebook friends as you do when you’re drunk. Then she started pursuing her musical dreams.

So, ladies and gentleman, with no further ado, I present Kitty on the Road.


What I’m doing: Applying for jobs

Jet lag is slowly taking my soul away. I’m just trying to keep up with self care because I honestly feel like a zombie. But i still need to find jobs. So im applyinf for casual joba here and there as i need to save money for when i go back to Medellin.


Giorgia ❤

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