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About me…


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Typical millennial without hope of finding an actual paying job that can allow me to enter into a satisfying and fulfilling career. Although is that a myth?

I eat a fuck load of kale while eating a fuck load of Cadbury.

All of my friends are in long term relationships and have babies, and I can barely commit to going to bed the same time every night.

When I’m in London I still live with my Mother. I’ve lived in Bogota, Colombia for the past year teaching English. Yes, Colombia the country. Bogota is the capital. No, it was not hot. And yes, I’m certain Colombia is spelt with an ‘O’. Not a ‘U’.

‘Fun’ facts:

  •  Taylor Swift is extremely problematic in many ways but her music melts my cold British heart.
  • Despite being feminist, I listen almost exclusively to reggeaton.
  • After hearing J Balvin speak English I had a dream he saved me from Donald Trump so now I have inappropriate feelings of love. The same for Liam Neeson. Except Liam (see how we’re on first name basis?) saved me from Orlando Bloom. (Who unlike Donald Trump, I’m sure Orlando is lovely outside of my dream world).
  • I don’t care if I’m vegetarian, mushrooms are the enemy.